The First Step of 4000 Miles

It is an idea conceived in the Well of Dreams, plucked, by the hand of Fate, and delivered to me. I need to move. The Road sings to me. And I shall heed her call.

I don’t know where it came from, but when I found it, I knew I needed it. I’m going to bike from sea to shining sea. I have done a few tours. They were inspired by stories that danced off my fathers tongue. He was a teenager when he did his first tour. 120 miles, and they ate all their food on the first day. They didn’t turn back. They continued on. I love that. Because they knew that the only adventure and discovery that was to be found was in front of them… Its my turn to look forward. And I could do it, fund it, ride it, by myself, alone. Or I can bring the world with me. Watching over my shoulder, as together, we ride, not just for Boston, but for a hand full of at-risk kids. Young adults that deserve more. That can be more. That will be more. This group of boys and girls have so much to give. Dreams, Fears, Aspirations, Hope.. and as people who live together on this planet, we owe it to them. I owe it to them.


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