‘I’ is now ‘We’

We have a partner! When I started out, it was me and the road. I was contented with that, comfortable in knowing my limits, what I could achieve and the scope of the undertaking, the certainty in overcoming obstacles, okay with a few nights in the rain, pushing myself to make the daily mileage marker. But then I met Christina.

I was working a gig in Palm Springs, a convention about technology in classrooms, doing lighting for the show and oping breakout rooms. Just another day. Christina was hired as a local hand, having done it for many years. The instant we met, I knew there was something about her. Her cheery nature, lightheartedness, confidence bespoke of an underlying quality, a perspective not of the ordinary.

After an 18 hour day on set, the crew grabbed drinks at a local bar and her personality bubbled forth. Our exchange set us off talking about adventures and when I told her about this, she about jumped out of her seat to grab the nearest bike. Fast forward and we are almost ready for a few months of adventures. And she upped the ante and now we are biking to Boston.. and back.

Christina is a photographer with a focus on water conservation and bringing awareness to trash in otherwise beautiful landscapes. Photos of striking nature, desert environments, framed with contrast, that ever eyesore of a careless hand, a tire or coke can. Christina and I will be blogging about our joint ventures, handwriting journals and transcribing them when the chance arises.

Im excited for our trip and having a companion to share experiences with. Soon we will have crowd sourced funding going through simple bank, providing followers (you) with expenses, just a little more insight into what it takes to bike America.

Links to Christina’s projects:
Water conservation and cleanup – http://www.thesaltonseaspeaks.com/
Personal blog – http://skitterskattered.blogspot.com/



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