Bearded Brothers! Make Yummy Food Bars!

I come home from work and find this delightful package on my doorstep.


Bearded Brothers are helping us out by being so awesome and sending us monthly care packages during our travels! Isn’t that great?? I have to hide these from myself so that we actually eat them after we leave.

They are non-Gmo, Organic, Vegan, Raw, Gluten & Soy Free Energy bars!!! I asked them some questions and here are their answers.



Meet Chris and Caleb.

Chris: big beard.

Caleb: littler beard, but still kind of big beard.





1. Are you really brothers or just brothers in beard? If the latter, how did you meet? Are you from Austin originally, or did you come to this town from somewhere else? 

Caleb: We are brother-in-laws. Our wives are sisters. Our families spend time together on a regular basis.

Chris: I have lived all over the U.S., but I married my Texas sweetheart 9 years ago and we have made Austin our nesting ground. Caleb was born and raised Texan, and moved to Austin from Dallas-Fort Worth about 4 years ago to marry my wife’s sister. So we are brothers -in-law, but we are also brothers in beard and spirit! Our families are close-knit and we share passions of faith, eating healthfully, living naturally, and enjoying the outdoors.


2. I love the tagline, “Fuel Your Adventure.” What is the best adventure you have each had?

Caleb: Climbing the North Face of Longs Peak. It’s not a difficult climb, but it was a beautiful hike up to the boulder field where we camped for two nights. Once we got to the top of the climb we saw a storm starting to roll in. It was pretty amazing to climb the face, and not just hike up around the back like most people do.

Chris: We have both had a lot of diverse adventures on our own, but a trip we took together last year to Horseshoe Canyon in Arkansas really stands out in my mind. We had time to strengthen our relationship as brothers, friends and business partners. On our road trip and hikes we discussed where we wanted to be in 5 years, how we could support organic farming and compostable packaging and hire a staff that believes in our mission. Plus, we enjoyed getting a break from work and technology, and just be dudes enjoying nature through hiking, rock climbing, swimming the rivers and camping.


3. What is your favorite activity? And what is your favorite food? 

Caleb: Favorite activity is rock climbing and running. Next to that would be cycling. My favorite food is pizza and Indian.

Chris: I am crazy for Disc Golf! I only end up getting to play a round about once a week, but during the week I’m practicing putting in my yard with my boys, watching Disc Golf clips online, getting tips, etc. Caleb is an incredible ultra marathon runner and triathlete which is inspiring, and rock climber.

Everyday I eat a big salad with an avocado and love it! The toppings vary with what I have on hand, but organic greens and avocado are a must! Out to eat, I love Indian food.


4.Where can our friends and family buy your energy bars? 

Caleb: You can buy them online, check our locations page to find a store near you.

Chris: On our website or your local health food store. If no one in the area carries them, but you feel like they could be a good fit, please let us know:



Please visit their website to order bars for your own consumption and like them on facebook for their updates and interesting food and food industry related updates as well. Thank you so much for your support and in your help with keeping us on the road chugging along!!




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