packing and panic


Joys of Packing


Days to go. Giddiness has overtaken daily sensations, already for weeks. While the tingling feelings in fingertips, toes and head can be pleasurable and happy and fun, the racing thoughts, heart and nervousness can be a bit much. Too much, it hurts,we both agreed. Calm down, I tell myself, take your time, step by step. You have outlined your plan of attack – so keep to it.

So with four (4!!!) sleeps to go, I am currently more apprehensive about whether or not I am able to finish up everything in a timely manner, rather than whether we will be ok for the beginning of our journey. I have yet to complete this current chapter in the Coachella Valley but am coming up on the final paragraphs. It does look like my car has sold (I have a deposit) , most of my belongings are in boxes once again, some of them already over my friend Andrew’s place who is kindly taking care of them for me, I have visited the charity shop with bags of items of stuff I didn’t sell at my last yard sale, and my last day at work is tomorrow. It is an odd feeling, the closing up of one’s shop, and I wish it was done already.

As of the moment, it certainly doesn’t feel like I will be parking my butt on a saddle for quite some time. More as though I am going through these motions of packing. And then, I blink and realise, I should have never packed to begin with – I am not going anywhere. But that pre-travel adventure time always seems unreal. Here I am, so so lucky, a few steps away from embarking on this pretty darn cool journey, a long dream of mine and as luck will have it, I couldn’t have asked for a better tour companion, I got a rad bike, I am healthy (though must remember to take B12 and D3!), and for the time being, I just feel kind of panicky. That can’t be right, can it? What if, what if, what if…. though the what if’s relate to the time before we embark.

So what do I do I try to slow down, and just take one step at a time, rewrite my list of things to do and cross off singular items, then rewrite the list again. For every one item I cross off, I add three more. But am getting there. Have to. The date is set.

Though I am also beginning to think I have too much stuff packed to take with me… but: all that fits into one large back pannier and one little front pannier and a half (good thing about being small, is my clothes are all small, weigh little and don’t take much space). So one full back pannier is going to be for food things. But will go through every item once again in a moment, look at it and ask: do I really want to drag you with me.




Lastly, I wanted to give a special shout out to some of the wonderful people I have met here, though have met quite a few, but special thanks goes to Christine and Ken, Andrew, Caitie and Aisha, Ken, Louie, Giovanni, Lorraine and Alejandra, Abraham, Alex, Brian, Jimmy and Jeni for going above and beyond!!!! Thank you all!



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