Marcus and Christina come from completely different walks of life, but have their own stories and makings. They will set out together, finish together, cycling across the country and back again, 9000 miles, coast to coast to coast.

They did not know each other before mid-March, 2014 and met working a week-long AV gig at a conference in Palm Springs, CA. It quickly came about that they both have a love for cycling. Marcus casually threw in something at a post-work pub-session about a long term bike ride in July. Christina said, without hesitation, that she will be coming.

They have been organizing this trip since then living in their two different cities and shall meet again in Bakersfield and set off into the wind on the 3rd July for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. Marcus has solemnly promised to learn how to lindy hop – another one of Christina’s loves and even mentioned something about possible street performances and picking up ukulele’s along to the way.  


marcus croppedA 22 year old adventurist, empath, and minimalist (though I do have a soft spot for my bike Bumblebee, a highlighter yellow Trek 1200). I have done a previous few tours including Highway 1 with my 17 year old brother and father. When asked why I’m doing this, a small part of myself asks the same thing, but when it comes down to it, I need to, a sort of personal challenge and rite of passage. When a friend suggested I partner with a charity, I thought it was a fantastic idea.

It started out as a lofty dream. Now it is grounded reality. For all the beauty and splendor of the trip, I’m prepared for the harsh and the grit. I will be partnering with a non-profit whose aim it is to take at risk kids and give them new purpose. The Filipino Youth Coalition is a non-profit organization focused on helping at risk youth develop into young adults via a sense of community, character building, culture and education.  You can find them here on facebook. I’ll be fundraising to help sponsor this trip. Half of the proceeds will benefit this non-profit. As donations come in, they will be posted. Additionally, we partnered with Rock Out to Knock Out RSD inc.. Rock Out is an organization founded by Ashley. At 11, she had found herself facing a syndrome that caused unexplainable, chronic pain, bullied by peers, and alone in a seemingly unwinnable fight. At 16 she decided to no longer be a victim. In that spirit, this organization was born, designed to reach out and form a community for those affected with CRPS/RSD as well as bring awareness to the general public. Read more about Rock Out here.

Let’s see how far 9000 miles really is.


me close upDoing a long bike journey has always been on my radar since I rediscovered the awesomeness of cycling in early 2006 when I lived in London and loathed waiting for buses in the rain. Why wait if you can get going – you will get wet either way. 

My first love was a yellow kid’s bike when I was 5 with brown handlebars and a Donald Duck sticker attached, which took me through the forests of small town Bavaria. My second love was an oversized bmx, which I would tear through our yard in Blantyre, Malawi wearing my favorite turquoise sari. And there were many more bike love affairs, some forgotten, some unforgettable. My favorite being Maria Guadalupe the SuperSharpShooter… singlespeed Specialized Langster.

In the last three years since I have been in the US, I had been toying with the thought of going on a cross country cycle trip on my own. But sometimes chance encounters lead to epic possibilities…

I am partnering with Amman Imman who “build water boreholes for the communities of the Azawak in Mali/Niger. They provide clean water for up to 35,000 people in an area where half of all children will die before they become 5 due to the lack of water.”

and Together we Rise is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America.They have a bike program in which they provide youth who are preparing to transition out of foster care with a bike.

Just how far is 9̶0̶0̶0̶ ̶ 10,000 miles?

Our updated map!

map 1 Poss 2

And how it evolved! This is to date

5000 miles, snow, rain, food. Lots of food

Batman would donate

Christina’s Gofundme page!

Peanutbutter is cheap. Donations are forever.. right?

Marcus’ Gofundme page!

Are you on facebook? You can ‘join’ our event page by clicking here! Fancy coming along for a leg or two? Get in touch with us via the facebook event page or through the contact form below!


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  1. Go Christina and Marcus! I met you this morning at breakfast in Georgetown, S.C. – practically had to wait in line behind a dozen other locals to talk with you! Really enjoyed our conversation and I wish you fair skies and down hills throughout your journey!


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