Batman would donate

Christina’s Gofundme page!

Peanutbutter is cheap. Donations are forever.. right?

Marcus’s Gofundme Page!

We are raising money for the trip through a variety of methods, and that includes donations from people like you. Half of the proceeds will go towards our chosen charities.

This ride will benefit Filipino Youth Coalition, a non-profit organization focusing on providing outlets and character building for at risk youth. FYC is local to San Jose, California. Find them on twitter or on Facebook .

Welcome our newest charity:

Rock Out to Knock Out RSD Inc. is an organization founded by Ashley at 16. At 11 she had found herself facing a syndrome that caused unexplainable, chronic pain, bullied by peers, and alone in a seemingly unwinnable fight. At 16, she decided to no longer be a victim. Out of it was born this organization, designed to reach out and form a community for those affected with CRPS/RSD, as well as bring awareness to the general public. You can read an interview with Ashley on our site

Donate Here

Christina’s page:

Christina is working with two charities where half of the proceeds will be split equally between Amman Imman – Water is Life and Together We Rise. Amman Imman builds water boreholes for communities in the Azawak region in Niger. This is so that women and children do not have to travel up to 35 miles a day for water and so that no longer 50% of all children die before five years of age due to contaminated water.Together We Rise provides foster children 13+ nationwide with their own bicycle. A bike provides them a measure of independence and the opportunity to find work and attend school.

Donate Here


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