We have covered lots of ground, written much, and posted pictures, but there is still a disconnect. To that, we have created a map on google maps so you can follow our journey, seeing our story told though pictures.

For a larger map, click here

Again, donations are lovely!

Peanutbutter is just $5 bucks!

Marcus’ Gofundme page!

Ah go on!

Christina’s Gofundme page!


One thought on “Maps

  1. This is John (the other side of Jutta) and have been following your odessy with Christina’s dad, Gerd, over lunch and this web site. Found this map after looking more at the website, but must have been created before you decided to go to Canada. I have been following with my atlas but would be easier to follow if you mentioned experiences, towns and sites in the order you had them and could still retain your free flowing comments. Expect you may be crossing back into USA at Niagra Falls by now. Will continue to follow your posts and looking forward to seeing you in Wash. area around Dec. 10 Gerd tells me.


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